Jam Pan is an eLearning services company that connects freelancers with agencies. In need of marketing support and help with content planning and writing, Jam Pan’s founder, David Wood, spoke to a lot of marketing people but kept coming up against the same problem: they knew very little or nothing about the L&D sector. What they did know was out of date and they all took the approach of ‘tell us what you want us to write and we will write it’. Wood wanted someone who knew the sector really well, someone he could bounce ideas around with and who would come to him with suggestions and pieces of research. That someone is Martin! We provide marketing support through lots of content planning, article and blog writing, copywriting for the website and press release writing.

“Martin Couzins absolutely understands what Jam Pan is and knew what I needed and wanted. What I struggle with is time and someone taking the messages out of my head and putting them out in a way that will work with the learning world. Martin knows the learning sector, the vendors within it, what’s going on and what the current messages are. That’s so important. And he is very proactive at coming to me with a plan. Not just a plan about marketing either – but an overall plan about what I am trying to do.”

David Wood, founder of Jam Pan.