Recent and current work projects

We use our insights-driven process to support our clients in several ways.

Product innovation

Facilitating innovation conversations, including discussions with our client’s team to identify new products and current product enhancements.

Outputs include: innovation summit keynote, facilitating innovation workshops, summarising innovation trends and actions.

Research insights

Gathering and analysing learning and workforce research to identify key trends. We distil the insights and create actionable insights for our clients’ audiences.

Outputs include: quarterly reports, articles and slide decks.

Customer listening

Conducting interviews with our clients’ customers to identify challenges and aspirations and how our clients can evolve their product and service offering.

Outputs include: summary documents and action points, testimonial quotes and case studies.

Thought leadership

Designing, creating and delivering a content strategy to support a client’s thought leadership work.

Outputs include: campaign design and management, creation of content deliverables and lead generation.

Academic insight gathering

Conducting interviews and gathering insights for a project on academic research.

Outputs include: research process design, interviewee comms and onboarding, multi-media case study content.

Customer satisfaction

Designing and managing a client’s customer satisfaction survey to help them better understand the customer experience and how it can be developed.

Outputs include: stakeholder engagement, survey design, survey management and research analysis and reporting.

Marketing strategy

Creating a strategy that reflects changing business priorities and a future-focused vision for the organisation.

Outputs include: gathering internal research and market research, gathering customer insights, providing recommendations and designing and delivering a new strategy.

Community engagement

Planning and creating content to facilitate conversation for a customer’s community.

Outputs include: generating content ideas, curating community conversations and facilitating customer meetings.

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What our clients say about us

  • A deep understanding of the corporate learning market and knowing how to plan and deliver effective content/comms have been invaluable in supporting our business growth.

  • Insights Media helped us identify new opportunities with clients.

  • The customer insights helped me expand my offering.


  • Insights Media gave us valuable feedback on our current messaging and provided valuable customer insights which we developed into case studies.