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What our clients say about us

I have worked with Martin since we both met as magazine publishers 30 years ago. As editor of IT Training magazine, then CEO of Institute of IT Training and Learning Performance Institute, and now as Executive Producer of Learning Now TV. As you can see, Martin has been invaluable to me throughout my career, and I am particularly delighted to work with Martin now on my Learning Now TV internet channel.

Martin is a delight to work with. He is passionate, professional, and always keeps on top of the industry. I have been honoured to count on him as a colleague and friend.

Roisin is a safe and trusted pair of hands. I can just give Roisin an idea and she runs with it, researching, interviewing, gathering statistics to create compelling pieces. I loved the insights work Roisin did for me, independently interviewing my clients to gather insight which helped me better sell my products and services. Her work makes a big difference to me.

Martin is an excellent guy to work with. We have recorded over 50 interviews on Learning Now TV, looked at new research reports and debated many new, explosive ideas. Martin is right on top of his game and knows exactly what he is talking about. He is an intelligent partner who listens and adds value.