Our Customer Credibility Index tells you how credible your content is – what’s working and what’s not.

We measure the credibility of the content you publish and share. We analyse your 10 most recent pieces of content published on your site and social channels. We then score your content against the following criteria:

  • Trust
  • Authority
  • Authenticity
  • Proven success
  • Customer advocacy

Our index provides you with an overall credibility score as well as three tips to help you improve the credibility of your content. You can see an example of the index here.

The cost of  the index is £200 inc VAT. This fee can be redeemed against our Building your credibility workshop.

You have your Customer Credibility Index score. Now what do you do?

The workshop provides:

In-depth insights into the credibility of your content

Practical tips on how to create more authoritative and effective content

How to stand out from your competitors (includes benchmarking your score against two of your closest rivals)

An exploration of how your business can produce higher quality content to better engage customers

How to improve internal stakeholder management in order to improve the quality of your content.

Our team will facilitate the workshop at your premises. The fee is £1,950 inc VAT or £1,750 inc VAT if you have already purchased our Customer Credibility Index.

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