Marketing Accelerator

A simple way to accelerate your marketing outcomes

Insights Media provides marketing support to accelerate the impact of your marketing and communications. We use a simple methodology:

  1. Analyse - analyse what you look like now across all your digital channels
  2. Plan - use this analysis to shape your strategy and create a marketing plan
  3. Execute - support the execution of your marketing plan

Specialists in the learning and people development sector

We are unique in that we mix many years of experience working with corporate learning suppliers with working closely with corporate learning teams to understand their challenges. This means we offer a deep understanding of the market and the people you are trying to reach. We act as a critical friend.

Support that grows as you need it, when you need it

Our accelerator provides a range of services that you can purchase as required. There is no pressure to use all our services. We encourage our customers to use our services in the best way that fits their ways of working. To demonstrate maximum value we suggest committing to your first quarter of support today and from there on engage in 3-month sprints to push your agenda forward. Our door is always open so you can dip in and out of our services as you need them.

Adding value is at the heart of our work

To ensure our work positively impacts your business, we ask all customers to purchase our Marketing Impact Assessment. This provides a snapshot of the relevance and credibility of your marketing and communications and provides a benchmark from which we can set impact measures and milestones for our activities.

Accelerator elements

A guide to building credibility and impact in the market

Send me my guide

What you get

Our free guide on standing out in the crowded corporate learning market, emailed direct to your inbox.

Outcomes for you
  • Tips and insights on creating marketing and communications that build your credibility and relevance

Marketing Impact assessment

What you get

An assessment of your 10 most recent pieces of published content and social updates plus a relevance score for your website.

The assessment measures: Trust > Authority > Proven Success > Relevance > Brand Clarity [See example assessment]

Outcomes for you
  • Independent analysis of your site’s messaging and content
  • What’s working and where your marketing needs to improve
  • Tips to create better marketing content
  • Starting point for reviewing your marketing strategy
  • The Marketing Impact assessment costs £245 inc VAT

Marketing strategy workshop

What you get

A 3-hour workshop at your premises that provides:

  • An indepth look at your impact assessment
  • Compares your score vs 2 named competitors
  • Review implications for your strategy
Outcomes for you
  • Indepth understanding of what you are doing well and where improvements are needed
  • How you compare with competitors
  • Analysis and market knowledge to shape your marketing strategy

Marketing strategy support/planning

What you get

Working with your team to shape strategy - we provide research and insights, practical guidance and act as a critical friend

Outcomes for you
  • Leverage our industry/market knowledge and L&D insights to create an effective strategy
  • Set targets/ milestones

Marketing delivery

What you get

Practical and pragmatic implementation of the above, getting the jobs done you don’t have resources for.

Outcomes for you
  • High quality, flexible marketing support that helps hits your targets.

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