Insights Media Research Roundup: Autumn 2023

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✔ The pros and cons of working with gen AI

✔ How generative AI is impacting on learning

✔ An analysis of the tasks that most benefit from gen AI

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What our clients say about us

Martin is a delight to work with. He is passionate, professional, and always keeps on top of the industry. I have been honoured to count on him as a colleague and friend.

It’s been great working with Roisin on two different projects for designing two whitepapers I published as a consultant. The quality of creative and art design was spot on, and I had many people comment on the professional design of each whitepaper. I recommend working with Roisin and her team for all your content design / creation needs!

Martin and the team bring deep knowledge and understanding of the corporate learning market as well as the experience and know how to plan and deliver effective content and communications. This guidance and support has been invaluable in supporting our growth as a business.

Having professionally written text for my website has also been a huge help. I struggled to find the right words to convey my business products and services in a way that was relevant to my target audience without being too lengthy. Insights Media sorted that!