Insights Media Research Report: Who’s influencing L&D?

Insights Media has launched its first research report – Who’s influencing L&D? – to explore who is influencing L&D professionals on topics including learning strategy, technology strategy and AI. The report also sheds light on the quality of insights they rely on.

The research shows that colleagues are the number one influencer (76% of respondents) when developing learning strategies, followed by professional institutes (54%) and peers (47%). Suppliers have less impact, influencing 25% of L&D professionals.

Colleagues are also the number one influencer (52%) when it comes to learning technology, followed by professional institutes (45%), peers (41%) and industry analysts (40%). They are followed by technology suppliers (32%), industry events (30%) and industry thought leaders (27%).

When it comes to the quality of the insight and evidence out there, satisfaction rates are so-so: half are satisfied with the quality of insight and evidence around learning strategy, but less than 10% are very satisfied. It’s roughly the same for senior leaders although 11% are dissatisfied. Satisfaction rates dip regarding the quality of insight an evidence around AI: then only 36% of respondents are satisfied, 12% are very satisfied and 16% dissatisfied.

Satisfaction rates drop further with regards to AI-related content – only 36% expressed satisfaction and a significant 16% said they were dissatisfied. A mere 12% were very satisfied with AI insights, indicating a strong need for more reliable and actionable information in this area.

It’s a similar story with the quality of content and thought leadership provided by tech vendors. Just over a third (37%) satisfied and 8% very satisfied, while 11% remain dissatisfied.

Download the report here.

Insights Media will be running an online session on 04 July to discuss the report in more detail. Register for your place here.