The top 10 From Scratch episodes 2020

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We thought we’d share the top 10 most listened to podcast episodes of 2020 on the From Scratch podcast, which we co-host with Nigel Paine.

It’s interesting to see that the dost popular episode was on learning evaluation. This is the only episode in the top 10 which was not recorded this year. It was recorded in July 2018, which goes to show how important a topic it is for our listeners.

Thank you for tuning in and we look forward to discussing more hot topics in 2021.

  1. From Scratch #106 Learning evaluation
  2. From Scratch #146 Fosway’s analysis of learning systems
  3. From Scratch #143 Learning transfer and academic rigour
  4. From Scratch #144 Learning in the flow of work. What is it exactly?
  5. From Scratch #142 Some 2020 commitments
  6. From Scratch #148 A look at Donald Taylor’s L&D Global Sentiment Survey
  7. From Scratch #145 In praise of apprenticeships
  8. From Scratch #147 Technology labels – useful or not?
  9. From Scratch #150 From F2F to online overnight
  10. From Scratch #149 How nudge theory can help learning and development