Research Digested: 2024 Global Learning & Skills Trends Report, Udemy Business

A snapshot of useful research for L&D and workplace professionals

Why read this report
It gives a very digestible picture of some of what’s happening with skills, with workforce dynamics and the future of work. It takes a broad brush approach, taking in research from a variety of sources.

About this research

The report draws on a mix of Udemy data taken from thousands of its customers around the world, plus data from research carried out by other organisations.

Standout stats

The report goes straight in with its overarching message: skills are the key to success. It says that in the future of work, there are three key areas leaders have to focus on:

  • Understand how to navigate the skills landscape
  • Adapt to the rise of AI
  • Develop strong leaders

From here on, Udemy largely references stats taken from other research reports:

  • 85% of HR execs are planning or considering redesigning how work is organised so that skills can be flexibly ported across work over the next three years (Deloitte)
  • The number of skills needed for a single job is increasing by 10% every year. And more than 30% of skills needed three years ago will soon be irrelevant (Gartner)
  • Six in 10 employees will require training by 2027 (World Economic Forum)
  • Just 5% of execs think they are investing enough to help their teams learn the new skills needed to keep up with the changing world of work (Deloitte again)
  • 30% of hours currently performed in the US economy could be automated by 2030 (McKinsey)

Now here are some Udemy stats:

  • The company had nearly 10 million new global learners the previous year, with 134 million course enrollments
  • AI-related skills learning has skyrocketed on Udemy Business – growing at nearly 60% yearly

The report also references a previous study by Udemy Business and The Conference Board, which says there are four critical skills needed by highly successful modern leaders: connecting, coaching, creating an inclusive culture and collaborating through technology. It says this correlates with figures on the increased year-on-year demand for related leadership courses at Udemy Business – a 177% increase in learning coaching skills, a 150% increase in learning team-building skills, a 136% increase in learning empathy skills and 101% increase in resilience learning.

Final word

The report references Deloitte research which found that nine out of 10 execs say they plan to use skills as a way to define work, deploy talent and manage careers. But, just one in five are taking a meaningful skills-based approach.

Report reading time: 15 minutes

Media: pdf