Research Digested – Don’t believe the hype: The realities of digital learning, Fosway Group

Cover shot of report - Don’t believe the hype: The realities of digital learning, Fosway Group


A snapshot of useful research for L&D and workplace professionals.

About the research

This research of 400 L&D professionals has been carried out by Fosway Group in association with Learning technologies.

Standout stats

The research asked a variety of questions to help understand the digital learning landscape.

Asked how significant skills gaps are in their organisation . . .

  • 29% said they were very significant
  • 61% said quite significant
  • Only 7% said insignificant
  • 76% said their digital transformation of learning is in progress, 15% said it is completed and 9% are planning it.

Asked if current platforms are fit for the modern workforce . . .

  • 65% said no (versus 50% in 2019)
  • 29% said yes (versus 34% in 2019)

So the research shows that more L&D professionals feel learning technology platforms are out of tune with what organisations need.

And when it comes to investment, the most spend will go on digital learning content, followed by digital learning platformsand the internal digital learning team.

The survey shows the growth areas of content are:

  • Video – 81%
  • Mobile 71%
  • User generated content – 71%
  • Micro learning – 69%
  • Blended learning – 67%
  • Curated – 67%

In terms of platforms, the growth areas are:

  • Analytics – 85%
  • Social/collaborative – 72%
  • Virtual classrooms – 72%
  • Learning experience platforms – 62%
  • Authoring systems – 55%

Respondents were asked: What learning experience features will be the highest priority for your organisation in the future? The top 5 are:

  • Alignment of content to roles, skills gaps or business goals
  • User experience (UX)
  • Personalisation and content curation
  • Learning journeys and optimising structured learning programmes
  • Adaptive learning content delivery

Final word
When presenting the research findings, Fosway ask, “Are you happy with a 50/50 chance of success?” According to the research, this is the chance of getting a good outcome from your learning technology. Surely this is not acceptable to L&D teams?

Report reading time: 5 minutes

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