Research Digested: Five Years of Measuring the Business Impact of Learning, LEO and Watershed


A snapshot of useful research for L&D and workplace professionals.

Why read this report?
To get understanding of how L&D professionals approach measuring learning impact, how they do it and the barriers that they face.

About this research
This is the fifth iteration of this research and to date it has surveyed more than 1,700 people.

Standout stats
This is not the most indepth piece of research but it provides enough data to show L&D’s approach to measuring the impact of learning. Stats include:

  • 40.6% of respondents stated that COVID-19 has caused them to focus on operational changes over measurement.
  • That said, 18.6% say they have focused on measurement strategy and implementation in the last year.
  • 60% say they feel executive pressure to measure the impact of learning, up from 35% five years ago.
  • 94.9% of respondents want to measure the business impact of learning programs.

The barriers to measuring impact are:

  • Competing priorities – 32.5%
  • Don’t know how to start – 16.4%
  • No access to the data – 13.2%

It is worth noting that the three most popular ways in which the success of L&D is measured are:

  1. Learner satisfaction
  2. Organisational impact
  3. Content utilisation

Final word
This data acts as a reminder that measuring learning impact continues to be a huge challenge for learning professionals. Time to get beyond measuring learner satisfaction?

Report reading time: 15 minutes

Media: PDF