Research Digested: The State of AI in L&D 2023, Steal These Thoughts

A snapshot of useful research for L&D and workplace professionals

Why read this report
Because it focuses on AI and L&D! And it involves fieldwork with L&D professionals, conducted by someone who works in the profession.

About this research
Ross Stevenson is a chief learning strategist working with leading tech brands. For this report, he spoke with over 130 L&D professionals to discover their current understanding and use of AI and what they think of its potential.

Standout stats
Current understanding of AI is so-so – 35% of respondents rated their understanding as good, with 64% saying it needs work and 1% saying they had no understanding.

Many of the respondents feel quite confident using AI tools but it is an area that needs attention for over a third – 61% are somewhat confident, 28% very confident and 37% not confident.

The survey asked respondents to give the main opportunities that AI, particularly gen AI, tools offer L&D professionals. Personalised learning experiences led the way, followed by content generation at scale, data-driven insights for decision making, intelligent tutoring systems and then natural language processing applications.

Almost three quarters (71%) of respondents are exploring or implementing AI-based tools/solutions in their L&D initiatives, which leaves 29% who aren’t.

And over three quarters (77%) say AI integration in L&D is very high for the future success of their organisation, with 21% saying it’s somewhat important and 2% thinking it’s not important.

Final word
L&D recognises that AI is a potentially transformative tool and it’s reassuring to see that many professionals are already exploring it and feel at least fairly confident at using it. That said, a very small number seem to have their head in the sand with regards to AI. If 1% have no understanding, that is 1% too many, given how long AI has been around, its potential and how much noise there is around it already. And the number of L&D professionals who haven’t played around with AI yet is quite high, considering. L&D needs to familiarise itself with AI tools if it doesn’t want to be left behind.

Report reading time: 10 minutes

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