Research Digested: Work & Salary Report for the L&D Sector, Blue Eskimo

A snapshot of useful research for L&D and workplace professionals . . .

Why read this report?

This research provides insights into the current state of, and future expectations for, work, salary and job satisfaction in the L&D sector.

About this research

The report is based on a survey conducted in late 2023, with responses from over 900 L&D professionals, primarily in the UK. It compares data from Blue Eskimo’s 2022 report to provide insights and expectations for 2024.

Standout stats

The research indicates that job satisfaction rates are declining in the sector, with many respondents reporting a lack of career development opportunities. The report also suggests that the time is right for reskilling L&D teams around AI.

  • 43% expect to change jobs within the next 12 months
  • 59% view generative AI positively, rather than seeing it as a threat to their job
  • Over 75% of respondents now work in a hybrid model. This is a significant increase, signalling the shift towards flexible working arrangements
  • Job satisfaction levels fell 20% from the previous year, with only 60% of respondents saying they are happy in their current role
  • Just 35% feel positive about career progression opportunities within their current organisation, which is a big drop from 50% the previous year.

Final word

Despite the challenges, there’s optimism in the L&D sector, with significant interest in the role of AI and how remote working will shape future opportunities. Now is the time to support AI skills development.

Report reading time: 20 minutes

Medium: PDF