How far does curiosity extend?

Boy looking over the top of a table


I’ve been inspired by the daily blogging of Andrew Jacobs and and am going to try out regular sharing of thoughts, experiences and provocations.

The first is on curiosity and has been provoked by a session on the topic that I attended at the Learning Technologies Conference 2020.

‘Curiosity is good’ is one of many L&D tropes. Organisations want their employees to be curious, to learn and to be self-directed learners. This is a good thing because organisations need employees to be creative and adaptable to changing business and work environments.

But how far does this curiosity extend? As a journalist, I experience people who do not like being interviewed by a curious person asking awkward questions.

What if you have lots of employees being curious about their working environment, the way they are managed, their career progression, the renumeration of senior teams, the diversity of the workforce etc? Is that what organisations want when they say they want curious employees?

How far does curiosity extend in your organisation?

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