Useful free resources at the Open University’s OpenLearn

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A part of the Open University’s remit is to provide free, open educational content. This content is delivered via the OpenLearn brand.

OpenLearn currently boasts more than 900 free courses on a wide range of topics, from money and business to education and development and nature and the environment.

There are some useful courses here for individuals and organisations. We’ve pulled out a few that might be useful right now because we think this is a great resource for both individuals and employers. And we think a lot of organisations are probably not aware of it, which is why we want to draw your attention to it.

For the record, Insights Media works with the Open University but we have not been asked to write this post. This is something we wanted to do, not something we have been asked to do and was prompted by our work with the OU, hosting a roundtable discussion on what OpenLearn offers. The topics we have shared here reflect some of the challenges individuals and organistions are facing as the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown continues.


For individuals

Managing my money

Study time: 24 hours

Panic attacks: what they are and what to do about them

Study time: 3 hours

Exercise and mental health

Study time: 2 hours

Living with death and dying

Study time: 4 hours


For organisations

How teams work

Study time: 10 hours

Facilitating group discussions

Study time: 2 hours

Managing relationships

Study time: 4 hours

Leadership challenges in turbulent times

Study time: 6 hours