What marketing information do L&D professionals want from vendors?

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I have attended a lot of Learning Technologies conferences and exhibitions over the years and I have heard the same grumbles each time about the exhibition experience. L&D pros keep complaining that vendors aren’t giving them the information they want. This prompted me to run a short survey ahead of this year’s event to really dig into what exhibition visitors do and don’t want from exhibitors, both during and after the event.

I’ve had some great feedback so far and I’ll share a couple of snippets with you in a minute. However, I decided to keep the survey open a bit longer in order to get the input of more people, fresh from the latest conference and exhibition.

The survey anonymous but I’ll share the overall findings publicly as my intention is to raise the bar around such events and how vendors communicate with their customers and prospects.

The results, as they stand at the moment show several things, two of which I’ll share with you now. Firstly, people have different needs. They require different approaches – and information – at different times. This is the challenge of personalisation in marketing and that challenge needs to be met. Secondly, people care about waste at conferences. If you are giving stuff for the sake of it and it has no meaning for people, it will go straight into the bin. Don’t do it – it is wasteful and it doesn’t do your reputation any favours either.

If you attended the most recent event and would like to share your thoughts on what worked and didn’t work for you, please let us know. The survey takes three minutes max to complete.

The survey can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3TPL55V